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Here's where we keep you updated on news about parenting as it relates to division of responsibilities, career versus home decisions, work/life balance, and legislative and grass-roots movements toward equality or better choices for families. We'll also throw in our opinions of life as equal parents in a nonequal world, regardless of what's in the news.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sharing Housework Tops the Chart
A new survey by the Pew Research Center found that American couples value sharing household chores more important than anything else when it comes to a successful marriage. Raising children has fallen in rank compared to its place in past similar surveys, coming in behind good housing, adequate income and a happy sexual relationship.

So, we all want to share housework, eh? I wonder if this means that we want a real partner for a spouse rather than someone who can simply earn money or raise our children. The survey also found that Americans' idea of the main purpose of marriage is the "mutual happiness and fulfillment" of the two adults so connected.

Discussion of the findings focuses on fears that marriage is becoming less connected to bearing and raising children. Perhaps there is reason to fear this, but perhaps the findings are more reflective of the growing diversity of families in America. I love that sharing housework tops the list of ways to mark a successful marriage. I think it is a stand-in for sharing in general - sharing in all four domains and living balanced and happy lives.


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