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Here's where we keep you updated on news about parenting as it relates to division of responsibilities, career versus home decisions, work/life balance, and legislative and grass-roots movements toward equality or better choices for families. We'll also throw in our opinions of life as equal parents in a nonequal world, regardless of what's in the news.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Career Inequality

As a nation, we're still stuck when it comes to how we think of men's and women's careers. According to a new study of over 4000 working men and women, it is the man's career that dictates the vast majority of relocations and it is the man who benefits financially from such moves. His spouse trails him, and on average earns less money after the move than before. The research, published in the Journal of Social Forces (wow - I like that title), says that the inequality holds true even if the woman has a high level position.

This is depressing, but understandable. We're still operating on the long-standing idea that breadwinning really belongs to men more than it belongs to women. And even if we say we don't believe it factually, we act as if we do. I would bet that many couples who make this all-too-common decision to relocate based on the man's job do so without consciously thinking about the meaning of their decision.

A conscious life is my goal. Regardless of which spouse wins the relocation battle, let it be based on conscious thinking rather than on outdated assumptions of inequality.


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